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About us

We offer a wide range of products in Panama in the form of accommodation, transfers and guided tours in English.

Our core product serves the medium to high quality package and individual travel market. Luxury programs for FITs and incentive trips round off our product portfolio.

Mission, Vision
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We put together authentic, eventful and diverse products with high quality in Panama.
As a strong contact on the spot we operate the trips reliably, with great responsibility

and the high quality service.

In this way we ensure our customers have a relaxed and varied travel experience.


We want to establish ourselves as a leading destination agency in Panama and be known for our reliability, quality and innovative ideas.

Unsere Werte

Our values


Acting responsibly is the cornerstone

of our work.


We would like to be known for our service

and product quality.


Our love of the country is reflected

in our work.

Customer focus

Our focus is the travel experience

of our customers.


We are always looking for new creative solutions and are constantly developing our range of products and services.


The harmonious cross-departmental cooperation is key our success.


For the success of every customer and partner.


Given our many years of experience we are

your professional contact with in-depth specialist knowledge.


Our customers can always count on us!

We are there for you from the first request to the day of departure!

Unsere Geschichte

Our history

Review of André Goatham, owner and founder of GAPA TRAVEL :


The story begins in 1993 when a Swiss friend of mine and I travelled to Panama via Florida.

We liked the country, the people and the beautiful weather so much so that a year later we came back for two weeks.


In 1996 I was back in Panama for two weeks and in 1999 I decided to emigrate and I wanted to start my own business.

After one year of looking at all the possibilities and options my wife and I decided to open this agency to increase awareness of this wonderful country internationally.


In 2002 GAPA TRAVEL was founded. Since then I do not regret a single decision. Panama has become touristically known and the infrastructure has been greatly improved.


The country has huge tourism potential and this will make working in this field very interesting in the future. 


GAPA TRAVEL is well positioned and we have put together an amazing team.

They deserve a big thank you for their tireless efforts.

André Goatham

Waved Foundation

Waved Foundation

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GAPA TRAVEL is socially committed in Panama -  

Every GAPA-traveller will be part of this great project!

Since November 1st, 2018, GAPA Travel is one of the official sponsors of the charitable foundation "Waved Foundation", which advocates more education for children in smaller public schools.
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